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Ifugao Handwoven Hand dyed Scarf

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Stunning scarf made by the tie dye weavers of Lugo, Amganad & Banaue in true Ifugao weaving tradition. For the Ifugao, weaving is part of their cultural identity as indigenous people. The designs embedded in these scarves, the process of traditional weaving and hand dyeing--- these are the knowledge passed down through generations. 

Each of these scarves went through a long process of hand dyeing using natural plant dyes (Gumamela / Mayana plants) and woven through backstop looms in the mountains of Cordilleras. Each can take 3 days to a week to do, involving at least two artisans.

  • Made with cotton
  • Hand woven, Hand dyed
  • Supporting Filipino traditional artisans and continuation of Ifugao tradition
  • 10% of sales will be used for helping people in the Philippines affected by the pandemic